Welcome to our school!

Direct School has been created as a result of a desire to share the knowledge and passion of teaching foreign languages. Our courses are designed in such a way that our students are able to learn a foreign language in a fast and pleasant way - no matter on what level!
The designed courses are top quality and that is considered our priority and a source of great satisfaction.

For English Speakers

We invite you to try out our courses at school or at any other premises (whether it is at your work or in the comforts of your home) in Warsaw and its surrounding areas.


First step
For more details call us or send an e-mail. We will gladly answer all your questions.

22 642 81 28

602 733 377
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There are courses available on different levels and in different sizes. You may join any of our existing groups at any time or create one of your own. The group sizes which are available are: 2-3 persons, 4-6 persons as well as 7-12 persons.

Individual lessons
There is a possibility to learn in one-to-one sessions. You may start your classes at any time and rearrange your time table every week to suit your needs. You may postpone classes or change their frequency whenever you wish.

We mainly rely on the natural/direct way of teaching a foreign language which can be best described as a full immersion into the language. Our students are taught to be able to listen, speak and think in a foreign language from the very first classes. We work with the best language specialists who have experience in teaching the language on all levels. We cooperate with the best publishers such as: Oxford University Press, Direct Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Education.

Direct English - A0 level to B2 level course for kids, teenagers or adults
Advanced English - C1-C2 level course
Business English - adult course taught by business specialists
English for special needs - course in various fields: HR, marketing, medical terms
English speaking - conversational course for all
Direct Spanish- A0 level to B2 level course for kids, teenagers or adults
Direct German - A0 level to B2 level course for kids, teenagers or adults
Direct Italian - A0 level to B2 level course for kids, teenagers or adults
Direct Polish - A0 level to B2 level course for kids, teenagers or adults

All courses may be held once, twice a week or in a more intensive manner. The frequency off all courses may be changed according to the needs.


All fees are paid at the beginning of every month at the school in cash or by means of a bank transfer.
Bank account 08 1140 2004 0000 3802 7172 5151.

Classes may be held at school in Wilanow or any other location chosen by the client.

Thank you for visiting Direct School. See you soon!

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